Working at Havaya Arts is a fantastic opportunity to make lasting impressions on your campers, develop your own skills as a leader, and have fun!

Our staff combine their love of working with kids with their passion for the arts. We are an intensive, fast paced, start-up community; and our staff are always ready to jump in, be creative, and stay positive. We look for folks who are mature, responsible, creative, and enjoy working as a part of team. Our staff are what makes camp such an incredible place for our campers. 

“The counselor to camper relationships are so special because you get so close with campers. You really get to know the campers and they feel like part of your family.”

Chanse, Counselor 2018


Just a few reasons why working at Havaya Arts is the best job ever:

  • Art! Our counselors and teaching artists are hands-on, helping campers grow their artistic voices. Spend hours a day engaging with the arts you love.
  • Professional development. Camp prepares you for life. Take on new leadership roles, learn to command a room, practice quick problem solving, and communicate with kids, peers, and mentors.
  • Live your truth. We love that our campers and staff are incredibly diverse. As a member of our staff, you get to be a role model in an ultra-welcoming environment.
  • Start-up. The trendiest words for your resume! We are a new camp (this will be our second summer), so you will have a major impact on camp traditions for years to come.
  • Have fun! We’ve got pool parties, popsicles, the comfy vibe of a family reunion,  and a tzrif (cabin) full of campers who can’t wait to laugh with you!

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Join Our Team

Havaya Arts is a truly extraordinary place—you will feel part of something bigger than yourself, help make camp such an incredible place for our campers.