Where will my child live?

We make our home in one of the charming, air conditioned dorms at University of Redlands. Two or three campers live in each room, with bathrooms just down the hall. With an eye towards safety and security, we have exclusive access to the building throughout the summer; counselors are present around-the-clock to ensure our campers have everything they need and to build the sense of community that’s central to all we do.

My family is _______ (or my child is _______). Will there be anyone else like us?

We’re a lively, welcoming, and diverse community where kids explore the arts and Judaism in their own ways and become the best versions of themselves. Our campers come from all kinds of backgrounds—and each has a different story to tell. We have interfaith families; campers and staff of all sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as those from LGBTQ families; people of color; individuals with special needs; and families from all socio-economic situations. We’d love to hear your story; please contact us to talk more about diversity at Havaya Arts.

We’re a two parent family and both of us work. Will we be eligible for a scholarship?

Many of our families receive financial support in order to send children to Havaya Arts; many of these families have two parents with professional positions who, quite simply, can’t afford camp without some help. Our scholarship committee works hard to try and guarantee, when possible, that no camper is turned away from camp for financial reasons. Please contact us to discuss how we can help make the camp experience affordable for your family.

Tell me about the food. Do you accommodate special diets? How about food allergies?

University of Redlands offers a high-quality dining experience using locally sourced, organic ingredients whenever possible. Great tasting, authentic, and nutritious food is made from scratch, using fresh seasonal ingredients. And they take their role in the community seriously, striving to make socially responsible purchasing decisions. We serve a mostly vegetarian menu, with Kosher meat offered a few times throughout each session; while the kitchen at University of Redlands is not certified Kosher, all of our meals are kosher by ingredient. Our staff works closely with the team from Bon Appétit to ensure we meet a variety of dietary needs, including vegan, lactose free, gluten free, and other allergy-sensitive options. The food service facilities at University of Redlands are nut-sensitive and our program is completely nut-free. Have specific allergies or needs? Just let us know!

What kind of medical care do you provide? What if my child takes medication?

We have a nurse on-site throughout the summer. All medication is held, and distributed, by the nurse. If a camper needs to be taken out of camp for medical care, we are only ten minutes from the local hospital.

We live far away. How do I get my child to and from camp?

We have campers from across North America and the world! If you’re a plane ride away, we’ll meet your child at the airport. To discuss specific travel arrangements, please be in touch.

How Jewish is camp?

We create an environment that embraces diverse experiences and beliefs while remaining distinctly—and strongly—Jewish. Here, vibrant Jewish communal life enhances our art, which in turn enhances Jewish life and identity. Throughout the week, we have a variety of opportunities (including prayer, meditation, and yoga) for connecting to something bigger than ourselves. And, together, we craft a unique Shabbat experience that is the perfect end to a week full of creation. Throughout all of this, our campers approach Jewish life on their own terms and, because it’s personal, the connection they make to Judaism is lasting.

What’s Shabbat like at camp?

Together, we craft a unique Shabbat experience that is the perfect end to a week full of creation. On Friday night, campers dress up slightly for a music-filled service, followed by dinner and an energetic song session. After sleeping in on Saturday morning, campers have a delicious breakfast and services in the great outdoors, followed by a relaxing lunch. In the afternoon, we all gather together to relax, swim, play, read, and hang out with friends, before joining together for dinner, a short havdalah service, and an evening of creativity to begin the new week. It’s truly a day of rest like in no other place!

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